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JCSU Undergraduate Research Journal on iTunesU

Johnson C. Smith University’s student-edited Undergraduate Research Journal is a compilation of senior investigative papers that were selected by committee. The 16th edition tackles topics selected and researched by students, from business case analysis, to the exploration of self-identities, to a deconstruction of the use of language in a Shakespearian piece.  05-12-15-URG-Cover

The Undergraduate Research Journal (URJ) addresses the growing concern about research findings not being available to the general public, as it is an electronic, open access document.  The URJ is a joint project of the Writing Studio, the Department of Languages & Literature, and the Smith Institute for Applied Research.

The URG is available on iTunes University, and for non-Windows-based platforms. Select the link below that applies to your device.

Access the URJ from your iOS device with iTunesU installed.

Access the URJ with all other devices.

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