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2015 Student Poster Guidelines

Congratulations! Your proposal was selected by the STAR Research Mentor Group, and a poster highlighting your research will be featured in the Fall 2015 Research Showcase to be held November 5-6, 2015 at Johnson C. Smith University. Posters will be set-up on Wednesday, November 4th, and will be displayed during the Research Showcase. 

Poster Guidelines

* Required Size = 36” x 48” (3 ft. x 4 ft.).

o Individual sheets of paper or hand-made posters are not acceptable formats.

o If your poster has already been printed and is a different size than the required size, please contact Dr. Sarah Minslow at sminslow@jcsu.edu.

* Choice of Black-and-White or Full Color is up to you.

* Consult with a professor in your department for a template. Also, see the examples in the frequently asked questions below for inspiration. PowerPoint can often be set up to be a great program for creating posters.

* Posters should be emailed to sminslow@jcsu.edu and ttaylor@jcsu.edu by October 23, 2015.

* The posters will remain on display until the end of the Research Showcase. Posters may be collected after lunch on November 6, 2015. Posters that are not removed within a timely manner after the poster session will be discarded.

* Easels, foam board, and binder clips will be provided for your poster to be displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

> What are the next steps?

10-17-15 Students work with faculty mentor to develop poster if not already complete

11-04-15 Students bring final poster at 10:00am for set-up

Below is some information for your poster presentation.

> What if my poster is already made and is different than the required size?

Please contact Dr. Sarah Minslow at sminslow@jcsu.edu.

> What does a poster look like?

It depends on your discipline and the type of information you want to share with others. Most research posters include at least an overview, methodology, results, and discussion of the results. Here are a few examples to guide you:

Sample Research Poster 1 Sample Research Poster 2  08-06-15-Poster-Example-2

Also, checkout NC State’s website: Creating Effective Poster Presentations





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