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Need an Expert for your Media story?

Johnson C. Smith University has various faculty members that have expertise in topics ranging from parasitology to the impact of the HBCU. The faculty members below have expressed interest in sharing their expertise.

Name Email Department Keywords Current Projects Recent Publications/Presentations
Brian Jones bjones@jcsu.edu Arts and Letters Atomic Bomb, American Presidency, Dwight Eisenhower, U.S. History, Cold War Review of “Eisenhower: A Life.” By Paul Johnson, in The Historian (Forthcoming.) Review of Uncertain Empire: American History and the Idea of the Cold War.   Edited by Joel Isaac and Duncan Bell, in North Carolina Historical Review Vol XCI, No. 4 (October 2014). Review of The Papers of George Catlett Marshall, vol. 6: “The Whole World Hangs in the Balance”, January 8, 1947-September 30, 1949. Edited by Larry I. Bland and Mark A. Stoler, in The Journal of American History Vol. 100, No. 4 (March 2014).
Harriette Richard Hrichard@jcsu.edu Social & Behavioral Sciences body image, breast cancer survivors Richard, H. Staying the Course Through Reconstructive Surgery. In press. “Body Image in Breast Cancer Survivors.” Association of Black Psychologists conference, July 2015.
Jemayne Lavar King jeking@jcsu.edu Biddle Institute Southern Literature, sneaker culture, social media, adult education Schonbrun, Zach. One Great Shoe. Comp. Jemayne L. King. Seattle: Amazon Digital Services, 2015. Print.

Gilsdorf, Ethan. “Sneaker Jam Hoping to Draw Record Crowds ; More Than Just a Major Convention to Buy and Trade Shoes, Sneaker Jam Celebrates a Mushrooming Culture of Sport Fans, Rap Fashionistas, Skateboarders, and Street Artists.” The Boston Globe (Boston, MA). N.p., 18 Oct. 2014. Web. 4 May 2015.

Davis, John. “Bless Their Soles.” The Charlotte Post (Charlotte, NC). 3 Dec. 2014: n. pag. Print.

Linette Fox lfox@jcsu.edu Business and Economics Economics Consequences of Land-Use Regulations on Jobs, Families, Communities, and Housing Affordability in Mecklenburg County
M. Todd Coolbaugh mtcoolbaugh@jcsu.edu Natural Sciences & Mathematics corrosion, sensor, surface engineering, analytical chemistry, material science NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project- “Shared Instrumentation Resource Laboratory (SIRL) at Johnson C. Smith Univeristy”

Department of Defense Defense University Research Instrumentation Program- “Electrochemical Workstation for Research on Chemical Surface Modifications and Characterization of Novel Conductive Polymers”

Marcella McGowan mmcgowan@jcsu.edu Library Bibliographic Instruction, digital content, academic librarianship, Web 2.0, research methodogy Work-Student Students and Librarianship Careers Project
Passport to Success – Biddle, Institute Freshman Cohort IPAD Skills Development
Matthew M. DeForrest mdeforrest@jcsu.edu Languages and Literature W. B. Yeats, Irish Literature, Irish Mythology, J.R.R. Tolkein, British Literature W.B. Yeats and Time
Natasha Wilson nwilson@jcsu.edu Athletics Higher Education, Athletics, academic success, planning, marketing
Patsy R. Camp pcamp@jcsu.edu Departmen of Arts and Letters Writing – composition
Sarah Minslow sminslow@jcsu.edu Smith Institute children’s literature, British Literature (esp. Victorian), human rights, teaching and learning, social justice “They All Fall Down: Child Soldiers and Children as Weapons in Popular Culture”
Children as the Perpetrators of Deadly Violence; Child Soldiers
“Challenging the Impossibility of Children’s Literature: The Emancipatory Qualities of Edward  Lear’s Nonsense” Bookbird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature. July 2015. “Considering the Common Core: Literary Fiction is the Heart of the Matter.” RISE: A Children’s Literacy Journal. Spring 2014: Vol.1. Iss.1. 37-40. “Treat Your Chicken-Eating Children ‘Right’: The Conservative Political and Evangelical Values Reinforced in Chick-fil-A’s Classic Stories and Essential Values Series.” Studies in Popular Cultures. (Spring 2016).
Terza Lima-Neves Tlneves@jcsu.edu Social sciences African diaspora politics, Cape Verdean diaspora politics, gender and development, African women and homeland development, Island nations comparative politics Political history of Cape Verdean women in the U.S.

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