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Preconception Peer Educator President

Kiana Thomas, Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU)’s Preconception Peer Educator president and Whitney Walls both traveled to Durham, NC to attend the Every Woman Southeast Preconception Fellowship Program.


Thomas was recently featured by the Preconception Peer Educators website. Both seniors, Walls is a Visual and Performing Arts Major, and Thomas is a Community Health major. The selection of these JCSU students in this fellowship is a testament to the work of JCSU’s Preconception Peer Educator program, and Dr. Antonia Mead who is adviser for the program. According to Mead, “It is important to have opportunities for students to engage in activities outside the classroom. Students must have the desire to go the extra step, however. When we as faculty see that student with that spark, we must help them get to the next level. Not only are we impacting the student but also their circle of influence. Mentoring is about impacting the next generation as well as giving back because someone helped us in our journey.”

Thomas is using the PPE iniative as part of her internship experience. Learn about Kiana’s experience in her own words here: https://preconceptionpeereducators.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/every-woman-southeast-preconception-fellowship-program/.

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