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Become a Preconception Peer Educator

Ready to apply? Apply to become a PPE!

What is the Preconception Peer Educator program?

The PPE program is an initiative sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health. The PPE program focuses on peer education as a means to reduce infant mortality rates and promote preconception health in those communities most impacted by infant mortality and poor preconception health. IMG_2502Because over 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned, it is imperative to provide all individuals with information to make timely, informed decisions about their reproductive futures.

Who are Preconception Peer Educators?IMG_2579

Preconception Peer Educators are college age students that are trained as peer educators to target their peers not only in college campuses but also in the community to help spread necessary preconception health messages that may seem irrelevant for a population that may not be actively seeking to start a family. Apply Here!

What can Preconception Peer Educators provide?

  • Give formal presentations on infant mortality and preconception health
  • Set up informational tables at events
  • Offer training of college students as peer educators
  • Facilitate interactive group discussions on developing a life plan

How can you apply? Glad you asked! Apply Here!

IMG_2533A Strong Preconception Peer Educator applicant should possess the following qualities:

  • Interest and enthusiasm in promoting preconception health to your peers and the community
  • Sensitivity to controversial and personal topics, and have a willingness to talk candidly about them
  • Ability to articulate the facts about preconception health and dispel myths and misconceptions
  • Capacity to speak publicly in a positive, engaging, interactive, and nonjudgmental manner
  • Demonstrate a concern for others, their well-being and quality of life

Does this sound like you? Apply now!

Key Tasks and Responsibilities Involve:IMG_2532

  • Attend required Preconception Peer Educators training
  • Assist in designing, organizing, and participating in campus-wide awareness activities
  • Assist in community events/outreach
  • Conduct trainings for new recruits
  • Participate in monthly webinars


  • Gain extensive knowledge about preconception health
  • Become a certified Preconception Peer Educator through the Office of Minority Health
  • Opportunity to obtain community service hours
  • Contribute significantly to the growth of the Preconception Peer Educators program
  • Develop teaching, communication, presentation, and group facilitation skills
  • Learn to function in a group, both as a leader and as a supportive team member
  • Have lots of fun! Apply Here!



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