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How to land a HOT Summer Research Experience

drop-underwater-basketweavingI know, I know- you’re busy validating and deciding if you want to drop that Underwater Basket Weaving course, but January-February is a great time to begin searching for summer research so that by the time summer rolls around you have the perfect opportunity.

I know what you’re saying, “but I’m just in undergrad!” Not only will having a research experience bone-up that resume to land you that great job or into grad school (FYI- Don’t Be This Guy), but it’ll also help you network as you gain credibility in your field, improve communication skills, and it’ll be a fun challenge.

student-opportunity-center“Okay, I’ll consider it,” you’re thinking, but “How?” Smith Institute has it covered! We’ve connected with the Student Opportunity Center to give you access to find research opportunities that interest you all over the world! All you need to do is sign up, enter your interests, and it’ll let you know when research applications are due.

Interested in entrepreneurship? They’ve got it. Want to research in France? That’s available, too! Want to research in your major? You get the point. Check it out!

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