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Students Present E-Portfolio Research

Students Develop Research-based E-Portfolio Career Template

Students at Johnson C. Smith University used data analysis to investigate, develop, and market a template for an e-portfolio to be used in their careers post-graduation. The tool would be used to accumulate accomplishments, credentials, and successes by all JCSU students across majors during the entirety of their college career and beyond.


Professor Duncan and Professor Otieneoburu

A collaboration between MKT331A, Principles of Marketing, taught by Professor Sherese Duncan and CSE439A, Research Methods in Science, taught by Dr. Sabina Otieneoburu, allowed students to gain an interdisciplinary experience through a marketing research project. In teams of five, students conducted marketing research to determine the most impactful and requested format to showcase their skills to employers.  As a team, students conducted interviews with industry professionals, their peers across all majors, and faculty to analyze the best eportfolio format in addition to distribution and marketing methods so that JCSU students can access eportfolio templates, instructions, and resources to create their customized eportfolio.
The course culminated in final presentations in The Dorothy Yancy Technology Center room 103. Groups received immediate feedback from judges, including a JCSU faculty member, staff member, and consultant. They also remained engaged as they evaluated other group’s presentations with a peer presentation rubric.
Details of the Canvas Business Research course were also unveiled. Students were particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to showcase their findings for a tangible, final product to an audience of their peers, faculty, and staff.

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