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Rock the Vote!

Today is voting day for the primary election. Your ballot will either be one for voting on the Democratic Party or Republican Party candidates. You must already be registered to vote as today is the voting day. Here are the details on voting in Mecklenburg County!
NC Voter lookup (tells you election-day voting location, various jurisdictions, and sample ballot so you know who to look up on voter guide or websites) https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/
Ballotipedia (asks candidates to rank the issues, and is a non-partisan look at the candidates) https://ballotpedia.org/Municipal_elections_in_Charlotte,_North_Carolina_(2017)
Charlotte Voter Guide (tells you candidates, platforms can be a bit stump-speech-like, but with common candidate questions including bonds, which can be tricky to know pros & cons because of vague language.)

Step 1 Get your sample ballot (and print if possible)- https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/

Step 2 Do research on the candidates running for office, amendments, bonds in your district. The names and descriptions of some amendments and bonds may be misleading and not take into account unintended consequences. qcitymetro.com

Step 3 Know the individuals that you would like to vote for by name.

Step 4 Identify your voting polling place above.

Step 5 Visit your polling place and vote!

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