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Student Research and Creative Works Scholarship

Student Research and Creative Opportunities Scholarship

This program supports JCSU students in completing faculty-mentored, student-based research and creative work in their disciplines by providing funds to make that work possible. This program does not fund classroom work. Work related to the Senior Investigative Paper does quality. Be sure to carefully look at the guidelines below. Apply here for the Research and Creative Works Scholarship!

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to all currently registered JCSU students in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. However, first consideration will be given to upper-class students.

Award Amounts: Grants will be awarded in the range of $100 -$500.

Solicitation of Proposals: The Smith Institute for Applied Research will solicit proposals for consideration on a rolling basis, with awards effective upon approval.

Applying: The application should include a proposal no more than two pages in length. The narrative should outline appropriate background material so that the proposed project is placed in context and its significance can be assessed. Please see Student-Driven Research and Creative Opportunities Proposal Guidelines (available on our website) for the proper format.

Use of Funds: Funds may be used for any legitimate purpose leading to completion of the project (e.g. participant stipends, software subscription, etc.). Funds may not be used to compensate the student or faculty engaged in the work or for personal expenses, or food/beverage purchases. Funding must be spent within one year of approval of award.

Requirements: A final, brief written report must be prepared by the student and submitted to the Smith Institute. Each student must present their project during the annual CUR Week Student Poster Competition in April. Alternative presentations may be scheduled if the student cannot participate in the April poster session.

For more info contact Smith Institute for Applied Research at 704-330-1332

Proposal Guidelines

The student is responsible for writing the research proposal. A faculty mentor may help by reviewing drafts and providing you feedback. Additional support is available from the Smith Institute. A research proposal must convince the reader that your project is worthwhile and relevant. You need to clearly articulate the research question or problem when discussing the background information on the topic.

Required format for narrative (must fit into the 2-page limit)

Abstract. An abstract (150-200 words) of the activity. It should contain a brief statement of objectives, methods to be employed, and the significance of the proposed activity to the field of study (one paragraph).

Introduction and Background. Describe the significance of the research project by discussing the background knowledge on the topic. The literature cited indicates how knowledgeable you are about the previous research already conducted in your field of study.

Proposed research. Clearly state your research question(s) or creative activity objectives (hypotheses), and, if applicable, any alternate hypotheses to test.

Plan of action. Provide a detailed list of set of tasks which will accomplish your research objectives. Clearly describe any methods, experiments, survey instruments, or other appropriate items needed for your project. A time schedule for your proposed work is also useful and can be included.

Bibliography. You must appropriately cite all literature sources referenced in your proposal. The bibliography does not count towards the 2-page limit.

Budget. In the template provided, create an itemized list of expense requests for your proposed project. In a separate paragraph, describe how each requested item will be used for your project with a clear explanation that supports the need for the requested funding. Any permanent equipment acquired using award funds remains the property of the university.

Guidelines for Faculty mentor: The faculty mentor must write a letter of support addressing the significance of the proposed work. The letter must describe the mentors’ relationship to the student, the student’s potential to conduct the project, and why the student should receive the award. The letter of support is due at the time of application.

**All proposals must be completed in APA Format (6th Edition)**

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