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2020 CURE Fellowship & Grant Application now due December 10th!

Apply for the 2020 Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) Fellowship & Grant Program. Up to 10 faculty who apply by December 10th and are selected will participate in six workshops, that will assist them as they redesign their courses to include an undergraduate research project in the curriculum. Faculty/teaching staff selected for the fellowship program who satisfactorily complete all components of the program will receive a $1000 stipend for their participation. Apply to be a CURE Fellow by December 10th!

Apply today!


The Smith Institute for Applied Research is launching its fellowship and grant program in 2020 to support course-based undergraduate research experiences (CURE). CUREs are research projects that are integrated into the course curriculum and engage the whole class in addressing a research question or problem. According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, undergraduate research is a high impact practice that prepares our students for careers and graduate study. Through course-based research projects, students acquire valuable skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, collaboration, leadership, oral and written communication, technology and analysis, and professional work ethics that are in-demand by top employers.

In order to promote student engagement in course-based undergraduate research and support the University’s priority of creating a culture and curriculum for undergraduate (and graduate) research as identified by the Quality Enhancement Plan, the Smith Institute for Applied Research will introduce the CURE Grant Fellowship program. This program will provide support in the form of workshops for faculty and teaching staff to significantly redesign their course curriculum to include course-based research projects. Faculty/teaching staff selected for the fellowship program will receive a $1000 stipend for their participation. Completion of the CURE Fellowship program, including participation in all workshop sessions and timely submission of all deliverables, is required in order to process payment of the stipend.


Faculty/teaching staff will submit a brief application brief application expressing interest in participating in the fellowship program. Up to ten participants will be selected based on their desire to restructure their course(s) to include in alignment with the research activities of students through course-based research activities. All JCSU faculty and staff that are teaching during the 2020-21 academic year are eligible to apply.


November 21 (11-11:30am) Webinar
November 22 (12-12:30pm) Webinar
December 10 (11:59pm) Applications due
December 11th Fellows announced
January 30 (11-12:00) and January 31 (12-1:00) Workshop #1
February 6 (11-12:00) and February 7 (12-1:00) Workshop #2
February 13 (11-12:00) and February 14 (12-1:00) Workshop #3
February 27 (11-12:00) and February 28 (12-1:00) Workshop #4
March 5 (11-12:00) and March 6 (12-1:00) Workshop #5
March 12 (11-12:00) and March 13 (12-1:00) Workshop #6
March 27 (11:59pm) Deliverables due


Participants must attend one workshop a week on either Thursdays from 11-12 or Fridays from 12-1. These workshops will introduce participants to the benefits of CURE and support you as you design a course-based research project. Fellows with also work with Smith Institute staff to develop assessment materials for their CURE.


  1. Complete a course syllabus that identifies relevant literature and instruction that students need to successfully complete the course-based research assignment;
  2. Develop a course-based research project for students and provide a 1-page summary of the project with detailed project steps;
  3. Identify/Summarize expected learning objectives and appropriate assessment plan for the course-based research project;
  4. Complete an IRB application where applicable; and
  5. Submit an evaluation form of CURE Fellowship to assist Smith Institute as we continue to develop this and other research related programs for faculty, staff, and students.


After completing the six-week workshop series, Fellows will submit the materials they prepared during the fellowship program for consideration for a CURE grant. Up to $20,000 will be awarded. Individual CURE Grant awards will average between $500-$2,500 and can be used to support course-based research related expenses such as participant stipends, software, technology, textbooks, and dissemination. More details of the CURE Grant will be provided in Spring 2020.


Dr. Tara Bengle



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