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FREE Access to Student Opportunity Center With JCSU E-mail Address

Students and faculty get FREE access to the Student Opportunity Center (SOC) with your JCSU e-mail address? SOC is  an organization dedicated to connecting students with national conferences, research opportunities, and internship opportunities across the globe.student-opportunity-centerSOC is an online platform created to connect undergraduate students  to some of the top academic opportunities in the U.S.  Once registered, students will have access to information about upcoming conferences, summer internships, research opportunities, chances to publish your their research, and MORE!  The platform offers weekly/monthly newsletters with great information about special opportunities relative to their major/career interests to be PREPARED for academic and professional opportunities BEYOND graduation! Check out the site HERE and sign up today!

Wanting to research in Puerto Rico? Looking for an opportunity in entrepreneurship? Wanting a career in your major? The Student Opportunity Center to gives you access to find research opportunities and even notifies you about deadlines for opportunities that interest you. Check it out!

If you would like to learn more check out this short video about SOC can be viewed HERE.


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