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What is Research?

Johnson C. Smith University has defined research1 as: 

The systematic, disciplined investigation of a question with a clear, defined goal but without a preconceived end in order to create knowledge for the self or for the broader community.

The meaning of ‘research’ in this context is: students actively finding information new to themselves. Underlying this notion is the ‘degree of knowness’ of knowledge: whether research involves developing knowledge that is commonly known to humanity, commonly unknown or totally unknown. We see that even inquiry into the commonly known is all part of the process of research skill development. Indeed, to overlook the development of skills in earlier years of education (such as First Year university) is to miss the potential development of skills required of ‘blue-sky’ researchers or by industry and employment.”

According to the Quality Enhancement Plan Committee Director, “we consider internships, performances, and study abroad to be opportunities for research.”

  1. Based on JCSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan application.

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