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Smith Institute Supports Participation at Posters on the Hill 2021

Dr. Diane Bowles, Vice President of Government Sponsored Programs and Research and Executive Director of Smith Institute for Applied Research has announced full support for students and faculty mentors in their participation at the virtual 2021 Posters on the Hill.

Students are encouraged to review the information needed for submission, then enter their submission by the January 22, 2021 deadline and notify Dr. Tara Bengle at tsbengle@jcsu.edu if the submission is accepted. The event will take place in Spring, and official dates will be announced after the Congressional calendar is available, however the event will not conflict with NCUR 2021.

The annual event, is intended to showcase the work for undergraduate researchers to policy makers. According to the Council on Undergraduate Research, the event sponsor, “it is more important than ever that the voice of undergraduate researchers and their mentors are heard on Capital Hill.” Posters on the Hill will provide a virtual poster showcase, opportunities to meet with your Congressperson, and resources to advocate for undergraduate research.

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