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Research Skill Development Framework

Johnson C. Smith University faculty and staff provided feedback on the JCSU Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for 2017-2022. As a result of that participation, the theme for the 2017-2022 JCSU Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is Cultivating a Culture and Curriculum for Undergraduate Research.

In an effort to include all disciplines in the definition of research, the QEP has adopted the Research Skill Development Framework created by the University of Adelaide under a Creative Commons license.

Based on the framework by Willison and O’Regan, the Student Learning Outcomes are:

  1. Embark and Clarify: Students will be able to respond to or initiate research and clarify or determine what knowledge is required, heeding, ethical, cultural, social and community consideration. (Curiosity)
  2. Find and Generate: Students will be able to find & generate needed information/data using appropriate methodology. (Determined)
  3. Evaluate and Reflect: Students will be able to determine and critique the degree of credibility of selected sources, information and or data generated and metacognitively reflect on processes used. (Discerning)
  4. Organize and Manage: Students will be able to organize information and data to reveal patterns and themes, and manage community and research processes. (Harmonizing)
  5. Analyze and Synthesize: Students will be able to analyze information/data critically and synthesize new knowledge to produce coherent individual/community understandings. (Creative)
  6. Communicate and Apply: Students will be able to discuss, listen, write, present and perform the processes, understandings and applications of the research, and respond to feedback, accounting for ethical, cultural, social and community issues. (Constructive)

For further details, please visit: https://my.jcsu.edu/ICS/QEP/

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