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Poster Presentation Workshops

In an effort to prepare students for the presentation submission, Smith Institute for Applied Research is offering Poster Presentation Workshops during several dates and times in March virtually.

The deadline to submit a poster is Tuesday, April 6 @ 12 noon, and the workshops will allow students to develop a research poster that will allow them to compete in the CUR Week activities on April 19th virtually for a chance to win an award during the CUR Week awards ceremony. The workshop will feature training, exercises, and activities during which students will complete their posters.

Poster Presentation Workshop

Monday, March 22, 2021

8-9 pm

Watch Here!

Poster Presentation Workshop

Tuesday, March 23,


12-1 pm

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Poster Presentation Workshop

Wednesday, March 24, 2020

11-12 am

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  1. In particular for doctoral students, presentations of research findings on posters offer a good opportunity for introducing their own work at conferences. The poster presentation workshop focuses on the design and content of the participants’ own posters.

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