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Funding Available for Students to Participate in NCUR Conference

Students are invited to submit their abstracts for the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)’s annual conference, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). In order to compete, the regular abstract submission deadline is November 29th, 2021. Participating in the conference will allow students to practice the skills that will help to advance in their careers after graduation. The virtual NCUR @ Home event will take place April 4-8 2022. Interested students should follow the steps below:

  1. Review NCUR’s submission guidelines here: https://ncur.secure-platform.com/a
  2. Use the How to Write a Research Abstract video to write a new abstract or revise an existing abstract, making sure to adhere to NCUR guidelines.
  3. Complete the Smith Institute NCUR Conference Funding form
  4. Visit the NCUR website to submit an abstract (JCSU students should list Dr. Erika Dugo, edugo@jcsu.edu, 704-330-1080 as the campus coordinator* after logging-in to the NCUR website). 
  5. Monitor e-mail for the status of the submitted abstract and notify Smith Institute at mmwatson@jcsu.edu  if a student’s abstract is accepted.

*Please note: your faculty mentor is not the same as campus coordinator, therefore you will list your faculty mentor separately when submitting your abstract.

Members of the Smith Institute team will be available to support students that are interested in submitting an abstract.

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