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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2022 to all students, faculty, and staff! At Smith Institute, we look forward to supporting your research efforts and wish you a fruitful year at JCSU!

Remember all of your goals amidst the excitement of the new year. We are here to support you and your students! If you are a faculty member, we want to support your students.

Here’s a suggested framework for thinking of research milestones during your college career:

  • Freshmen: Notice what interests you- it could be great fodder for selecting your research topic.
  • Sophomores: Use your research interests to determine your research experience.
  • Juniors: Conduct research and present your research at conferences and events.
  • Seniors: Complete your Senior Investigative Paper.

Wherever you are in your college experience, research can help you in the following ways:

  • Exploring career directions
  • Enhancing resumes
  • Preparnig for graduate or professional school
  • Publishing your research
  • Contributing knowledge in your field
  • Building transferable skills
  • Acquiring new, in-demand technical skills
  • Change the world!

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