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National Pizza Day

In honor of today, February 9th- AKA National Pizza Day, we’re virtually heading over to the JCSU Library website to get started doing some research on . . . (you guessed it) pizza!

Choose your topic.

Think about how you might connect pizza with your major or field.

  • A Math, Psychology, or Interdisciplinary Studies major might want to study the “Pizza Problem” (which gives more food, one 18″ pizza, or two 12″ pizza pies? the answer surprised us)!
  • A student of public health may feel compelled to study the connection between Pizza and Health.
  • A business major interested in doing a case study on your local Pizza restaurant.

Write out keywords for your topic.

For the public health example, you might use words like “health”, “pizza”, “cholesterol”, “misconceptions”, “fat”.

Search the JCSU library database.

Head over to the James B. Duke Memorial Library’s Database, and scroll down to a collection that best matches your subject area and topic. Then search the database for your keywords.

For a full line-up of online research how-tos, check out the Smith Institute YouTube channel.

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