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Spring Forward & Research

Saturday, March 13th is the day- it’s time to spring forward! Because we love research, we’ve made a collection of articles that might interest you. How might daylight savings impact a person’s sleep cycle? How did Daylight Savings start, and has it ever been challenged?

Every paper starts with an introduction. For this topic, it might be helpful to derive information from the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ article on the History of Daylight Savings to get you started in researching the topic. This article answers such questions as: when was Daylight Savings first implemented? Why do we even have Daylight Savings? Have states attempted to pass legislation that would end Daylight Savings?.

Writing for a peer-reviewed journal is different from writing for a less academic audience. A great example of how writing for these audiences different may be found in two articles that describe the same phenomenon. Read the National Institutes of Health article, How Daylight Savings Time Changes Impact People Differently and the peer-reviewed research article Genomic heterogeneity affects the response to Daylight Saving Time to give a glimpse into how these styles differ.

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