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Rock the Vote!

Today is voting day for the primary election, so it’s time to rock the vote! Your ballot will either be one for voting on the Democratic Party or Republican Party candidates. You must already be registered to vote as today is voting day. Need help with figuring out how to know who your candidates are, decide on who to vote for, places to learn candidate stance? Here are the details on how to rock the vote in Mecklenburg County!


How to Sign-up for a Free Qualtrics Account with Your JCSU E-mail Address

Smith Institute for Applied Research has partnered with Qualtrics so that students, faculty and staff can create free surveys using the industry-standard Qualtrics platform. Learn how to sign-up for Qualtrics and create surveys for free, using your JCSU e-mail address. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to learn more about research topics, including how to create a survey and do basic data analysis in Qualtrics, and other topics.


Spring Forward & Research

Saturday, March 13th is the day- it’s time to spring forward! Because we love research, we’ve made a collection of articles that might interest you. How might daylight savings impact a person’s sleep cycle? How did Daylight Savings start, and has it ever been challenged?


JCSU Students Selected to Present at NCUR 2022 Conference

Join us as we congratulate the JCSU student researchers whose abstracts were accepted for the upcoming NCUR 2022 Conference! Smith Institute for Applied Research congratulates the following JCSU students: Aaron Allen, Germany Bell, Alexys Gabriel, Karryngton Harrison, Justin Nixon, Aleena Oakley, Trevon Porter, Zykharia Roper, and Malik Simpson in their commitment to their research journey, and the acceptance of their abstracts. NCUR @ Home takes place April 4-8, 2022.


National Pizza Day

In honor of today, February 9th- AKA National Pizza Day, we’re virtually heading over to the JCSU Library website to get started doing some research on . . . (you guessed it) pizza!


Smith Institute Announces its 2022 Student Spring Schedule!

Smith Institute prepares students to be successful contributors to research through its workshop and bootcamp offerings this Spring. We will use a hybrid model, and have a limited number of in-person slots that you must pre-register for- all other participants will be virtual, and the Zoom links will be available closer to the dates of each workshop!


Graduate School Bootcamp Announced

Smith Institute for Applied Research presents its Graduate School Bootcamp: Developing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Personal Statement for Your Graduate School. The series will support students in developing a CV and personal statement for their graduate school applications. Students can improve their chances of being accepted into their chosen graduate school! Through this bootcamp, students will engage in activities that allow them dedicated time to plan ahead, ensure that their personal statements are specific to each program to which they apply, and include appropriate activities on their CVs.  Be sure to have your resume and list of graduate schools handy when you register for the Bootcamp by February 17th at 12pm Noon.


Free Masterclass on Black History This Month

Check out the Black History Masterclass for free this month only.


2022 Student Research Poster Competition

DEADLINE EXTENDED!!! Submit your abstract by March 6, 2022 at 11:59pm. Submit your abstract!

Smith Institute’s annual Student Research Poster Competition will be hosted virtually in 2022. Students need to read the guidelines below and submit an abstract by Thursday, February 24th at 12:00pm at Noon to be considered for the competition. Leading up to the competition, students will engage with Smith Institute to refine their abstracts and prepare their posters. Winners will be announced after the public viewing timeframe of CUR week April 18th-April 22nd.


CUR Week 2022

This year, the Council on Undergraduate Research has designated April 18th-April 22nd as CUR Week! Johnson C. Smith University will participate with activities that will engage both students and faculty. Smith Institute for Applied Research will host its annual Student Research Poster Competition during CUR Week, and will announce the winners later on its YouTube Channel.

Leading up to the competition, students will engage with Smith Institute to prepare for the competition. Students interested in competing can review guidelines in our Call for Abstracts!