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Awards Ceremony for the 2020 Student Research Poster Competition

Congratulations to all of our undergraduate students who participated in the 2020 Student Research Poster Competition! Watch, below to see who won in each category!


John Bannister of Metropolitan College Receives National Treasure Award


John Bannister, Metropolitan College‘s instructional designer, received the 2016 National Treasure Award for his dedication and support to nontraditional students. The presentation, “ANTSHE at JCSU,” highlighted the progress of the organization and the impact that it has had on JCSU’s nontraditional student population.

John is a member of the Smith Institute’s STAR Research Mentor Group and ensures nontraditional students’ viewpoints are considered in all of our decision making.


Innovo Pitch Competition

Charlotte’s entrepreneurial community is welcome to engage with JCSU student entrepreneurs as they compete to win $2500 to develop their business idea the afternoon of March 10th from 2-5pm in the New Science Center Auditorium. From robotics in social enterprise, to mentorship for youth, to a computer app, to a campus-based service, this year’s idea entries represent a range of disciplines. Register here!


Poderosa International Conference on Cabo Verdean Women

International Conference on Cabo Verdean Women is first to be held in the United States.

Roughly 400 scholars will visit Providence College in Rhode Island Saturday, March 5th to attend Poderosa: International Conference on Cabo Verdean Women. The conference is a  collaboration between Johnson C. Smith University of Charlotte, NC the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and Providence College. (more…)

Why Not Start-Up?

by: Megan McLean

Have you ever walked into a room and scoped it out to get a feel for it? You walk in, quickly skim and glance over the people and make your preconceived notion of how the day or night of the event will be. Typically, it’s based on the attendees’ style of dress, body language, event decor, and overall vibe that let you know if you’ll be inspired or bored out of your mind. But have you ever walked into a room and mentally saw a room full of ideas? To know that everyone in the room has a budding idea that could possibly be the next cure, the next major Tech giant, or latest invention that will change mankind in our era. If you have not, then it’s a given you’ve never been to Charlotte Start-Up Weekend.

Recap of “Addressing the Disparities of Black Males” at the Sixth Annual Invitational Symposium

November 5-6, 2015 the Smith Institute for Applied Research hosted the Sixth Annual Invitational Symposium in the New Science Center on JCSU’s campus. (more…)

“Five Essential Skills for Every Undergraduate Researcher”: Making the Most of Your Research Experience!

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) is well-known for its efforts to provide great information and insight to undergraduates on getting the most out of all their academic experiences, ESPECIALLY research. (more…)

2015 Symposium Save the Date

The JCSU 2015 Research Symposium and Showcase will take place November 5th and 6th in the new Science Center. The symposium will explore two themes: Thursday’s event will focus discussions on the Black Male, and Friday’s topic is Metacognition and Educational Success.

Student Reflection: Radijah Hudson ImpactU

Radijah Hudson ’16, JCSU Math and Dance major reflects on her experience at Impact U, a local entrepreneurship incubator for college students.


Student Reflection: For the Love of Culture and Science

Inspired by the opportunity to further expand her interests in reusable energy, JCSU student, Deisy Esquivel spent her time conducting research at Old Dominion University this summer. In addition to learning about new scientific tools, Deisy also enjoyed exploring different spaces with her colleagues.  The biology major shared her academic and cultural experience with the Smith Institute.