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Students Present E-Portfolio Research

Students Develop Research-based E-Portfolio Career Template

Students at Johnson C. Smith University used data analysis to investigate, develop, and market a template for an e-portfolio to be used in their careers post-graduation. The tool would be used to accumulate accomplishments, credentials, and successes by all JCSU students across majors during the entirety of their college career and beyond.


Meet Past Innovo Pitch Competition Contestants

In March, 2016 thirteen undergraduate students applied to become part of the Innovo Pitch Competition in the hopes of winning top prize of $2500. After coaching, and refining their pitches, five contestants made the final round. Through the process of receiving feedback from judges and fellow pitch contestants, some of those contestants told us about their experience. Here’s what they had to say. (more…)

How to land a HOT Summer Research Experience

drop-underwater-basketweavingI know, I know- you’re busy validating and deciding if you want to drop that Underwater Basket Weaving course, but January-February is a great time to begin searching for summer research so that by the time summer rolls around you have the perfect opportunity. (more…)

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to campus!

The energy on campus is definitely buzzing. You’re getting your books, registering for classes, and are ready for the new school year to start. Be sure to use this time to re-focus your energy on being well, doing well, and staying connected to those on and off campus that will help you reach those goals of success.

We believe in the great things you will do in this world.

All the best this semester!

Showcasing Your Work: Poster vs. Oral Presentations

November 30th from 3-4pm in Carnegie Hall, Smith Institute will host Showcasing Your Work: Poster vs. Oral Presentations, another Workshop Wednesdays event for students. (more…)

Plagiarism- Innocent & Intentional

As part of Workshop Wednesdays, on November 2nd from 3-4pm in the James B. Duke Memorial Library, room 213, this workshop will provide a definition of three major types of plagiarism from innocent to intentional and discuss the faculty role in minimizing plagiarism. Earlier that day, Welcome to the CITI training will be offered in the morning. (more…)

Welcome to the CITI

On November 2, 2016 from 11-12pm as part of the Workshop Wednesdays series, Welcome to the CITI will provide students with hands-on, instruction for the registration and completion of all CITI training requirements in compliance with JCSU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). (more…)

Smith Institute Settled into Carnegie

There’s a particular crispness in the air. You hear birds chirping, see new faces, and the something great is in the air!

So you go over to Crutchfield to visit Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Margaret, or Ms. Keisha . . . wait. When did this happen? (more…)

Register to Vote

Need a ride to vote in NC? Sign-up for a ride!

This year’s election is important and if you have not registered to vote in NC, you can register and vote if you vote early.

If you are not yet registered in NC- VOTE EARLY (by 11/05)! You may register and vote at any early voting location. Here’s how to vote in your state! (more…)

So You Wanna Be an Ambassador?!

If you haven’t heard already, we are looking for new talent to join our Student Research Ambassador team!  Think you have what it takes?  Check out the information below and complete the interest form.  Go ahead…you know you want to!   (more…)