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Smith Institute Settled into Carnegie

There’s a particular crispness in the air. You hear birds chirping, see new faces, and the something great is in the air!

So you go over to Crutchfield to visit Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Margaret, or Ms. Keisha . . . wait. When did this happen? (more…)

Register to Vote

Need a ride to vote in NC? Sign-up for a ride!

This year’s election is important and if you have not registered to vote in NC, you can register and vote if you vote early.

If you are not yet registered in NC- VOTE EARLY (by 11/05)! You may register and vote at any early voting location. Here’s how to vote in your state! (more…)

So You Wanna Be an Ambassador?!

If you haven’t heard already, we are looking for new talent to join our Student Research Ambassador team!  Think you have what it takes?  Check out the information below and complete the interest form.  Go ahead…you know you want to!   (more…)

Q&A With Our Student Research Manager

In 2014 Tiffany Taylor was charged with furthering the prominence of student applied research experiences. Smith Institute’s Research Communications and Special Projects Manager sat down with her for a half-hour to discuss her aspirations for supporting student’s love of research on JCSU’s campus. (more…)

Spring 2016 Student Research Recap!

The Smith Institute for Applied Research has been on the move this semester in efforts to motivate and engage JCSU students in research activities on and off campus.  From special events, meet & greets, and conference visits, our students have been quite busy spreading the word about Undergraduate Research and its important role in student success at JCSU!

Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to… (more…)

7 Undergrads dance “3 Faces” for Study on Professional Readiness

In the Spring of 2015, Professor Jaclyn O’Toole applied for the 15th Anniversary Gala year of the White Wave Dance Festival in New York City.  The work submitted was entitled Eve, which presents a women’s struggle with dissociative identity disorder.  Instead of taking professional dancers, Prof. O’Toole chose to take the JCSU Repertory Dance Company to NYC to perform Eve.  To help fund part of this trip, Professors Ebright and O’Toole co-wrote the Smith Institute grant “Evaluating Professional Readiness in Dance”.  (more…)

Smith Institute for Applied Research Student-Developed PSA!!!

The Smith Institute for Applied Research is continuing its mission to cultivate a comprehensive culture of research at JCSU.  See what a few of our students, Korey Smith and Ayanna Perry had to say about the Smith Institute their experience in this sneak peak of our new promo! (more…)

JCSU’s HealthPlex visits Health Disparities Conference

In New Orleans at Xavier University of Louisiana, JCSU”s own Dr. Victor Romano and his team presented research during the 9th annual Health Disparities Conference. (more…)

Mentoring Undergraduate Student Researchers: Best Practices and Lessons Learned with Dr. Dennis Livesay

Join Smith Institute for Applied Research for a presentation and Q&A session with Dr. Dennis Livesay, former Director of UNC Charlotte’s Charlotte Research Scholars program. (more…)

Why Not Start-Up?

by: Megan McLean

Have you ever walked into a room and scoped it out to get a feel for it? You walk in, quickly skim and glance over the people and make your preconceived notion of how the day or night of the event will be. Typically, it’s based on the attendees’ style of dress, body language, event decor, and overall vibe that let you know if you’ll be inspired or bored out of your mind. But have you ever walked into a room and mentally saw a room full of ideas? To know that everyone in the room has a budding idea that could possibly be the next cure, the next major Tech giant, or latest invention that will change mankind in our era. If you have not, then it’s a given you’ve never been to Charlotte Start-Up Weekend.