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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea for a research project, how do I get started?
First, explore your interests! What are you curious about? If you have multiple interests, imagine how you might merge the two. For example, you may be majoring in Business but have a love of music, which may focus your research on better understanding the impact of streaming (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Tidal) on music sales and production.

I’m a student- who do I speak with about my research?

Tiffany Taylor is the Faculty & Student Research Manager who coordinates research training workshops for faculty and students, and can also assist you with finding an appropriate mentor for your project.  Faculty who are interested in developing or expanding their research can reach Ms. Taylor via email  at ttaylor@jcsu.edu to discuss your research interests or request an in-class workshop specific to their courses. Students who are interested in research specific to the community, please contact Dr. Tara Bengle, Community Research Manager, who is available to assist you in developing research questions that are relevant to the local community.…

I am a community member and would like to work with Smith Institute on a community research project. Who do I contact?

Dr. Tara Bengle is the Community Research Manager she can speak to you about your specific research needs

What opportunities are there to support my research?

Smith Institute provides internal grants for pilot projects lead by faculty and students, mentored by faculty. Smith Institute’s Scholarship of Teaching and Research (STAR) Grants provide funding for researchers interested in  piloting small scale research projects and ultimately using those results to develop proposals for private funds with support from the sponsored programs office.

I have conducted research with Smith Institute support, and learned some interesting things in my research, have published papers in peer-reviewed journals, presented at conferences, and/or my students have gotten the opportunity to present at conferences and publish our research. Who do I share that news with?

Congratulations! Keisha Talbot Johnson, Research Communications and Special Projects Manager connects with intellectual media to get research findings and the great news about your research in the public conversation which includes reporting to the Department of Education. Faculty or students are encouraged to connect with her at ktalbot@jcsu.edu.

Who do I contact about grantwriting?

The Sponsored Programs and Compliance department, led by Ms. Virginia Rowe-Anderson, is responsible for supporting grantwriters in pursuit of public/state or federal funds.

How do I reserve the Carnegie Research Resource Room or the Multidisciplinary and Applied Computational Modeling and Simulations (MACMAS) Lab?

Please contact Margaret Watson at mmwatson@jcsu.edu, Administrative Assistant to reserve Smith Institute resources. The Smith Institute spaces are available for reservation between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday through Friday for research-related projects.

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